DAVIDa HOUSEAGO operations director
  ‘Over the 15 years that I have worked with Pope Baron I cannot fault the quality of design, commitment to customer satisfaction and the genuine desire to provide an end solution that produces the required results. I have commissioned their services on several occasions and will not hesitate to do so again in the future’
J O B S H O P a a31 shops, and two hubs

Brief: to design a recruitment site on the same principle as a mobile phone shop.

The principles used are those of customer flow, leading through the vacancy's, to a selling area and through to a sales desk for signing the deal. To add to this, the processes of a normal recruitment branch, were split into a hub and spoke system.

We redesign both elements.

BUSINESS SERVICESa aExhibition stand and corporate video

Brief: to design an exhibition stand and to produce a sales video, which would be displayed on the stand.

We designed a group of display components which could be arranged in different layouts depending on the size and shape of the exhibition space.

The video sold the way Business Services worked with their clients.

B R A N C H a a42 sites

Brief: to update the look of the companies existing branches.

We used all the successfull elements of the Jobshop program and added new furniture components needed for the larger sites. At the same time we rolled out a new graphic image.