a n t i x / A T T I X video
a n t i xa ainterior, menus, stationery, promo video

Brief: to design a bar and restaurant, with a tight budget, and to work round the existing layout.

The main design problem on this project was the balance between the daytime restaurant and the night club which it became after nine. The balance has changed slightly, towards the nightclub, over the years with changes here and there. Some of which are still happening.

We have also done graphics, menus, promo videos, and various promo materials over the years, in fact Antix/ATTIX are the one client we have that has used all the areas that we work in.

A T T I X a ainterior, promo video

Brief: to design a more up market bar that would not date too quickly.

This was a joy to do and the results have been enjoyed by all visitors. A small bar, we made extensive use of LED lighting and colour changers to provide a very intimate atmosphere that can change to suit the usage.

We have also design promotional material and produced a promo video.

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  "It’s difficult to sum up in one sentence what Pope Baron design has achieved for antix/ATTIX.  If I attempted this I would say: “innovative within clients’ constraints, exciting but practical, professional but friendly, always available, always understanding, and very hard working towards the cause"